Radon Testing in

Commercial Buildings & Schools


If interested in testing your business or school, please call us at

630.260.0700 or contact us via email.  

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) licensed Radon Testers, Inc. to perform school and commercial building measurements.  These tests are not a simple extension of residential services. Because of increased air movement from the building's HVAC system(s), varying occupancy times, unusual radon entry mechanisms, inappropriate energy conservation applications and unusual structural features, a school or a commercial building may be difficult to characterize the radon concentrations. The Agency requires specific Quality Assurance Projects Plans to be developed for measurements in Schools and Commercial Buildings.

If you need additional information, please contact the IEMA by using the Radon Information Line at (800) 325-1245.

Public Act 96-0417 (8/13/09):  
~ Recommends that school districts test school buildings every five years

~ Recommends radon-resistant construction techniques for new school construction

~ Requires schools that do test to report results to the State Board of Education

~  Requires the Board of Education to report biannually to the General Assembly

~  Authorizes IEMA to allow school staff to test their buildings if they have been trained