Radon Mitigator List


Radon mitigation is the process which reduces radon to the safest possible levels.  

There are tremendous side benefits to radon mitigation systems. 

Radon mitigation does the following:

1.  Guarantees a dramatic reduction of radon levels

2.  Vents out other musty soil smells and soil gases

3.  Vents out mold spores from below the floor

4.  Vents out humidity.  People run dehumidifiers less, if at all.

The Result:  A Noticeably Fresher Basement!

Download the Radon Mitigation Checklist below:

Do not let a mitigator sell you a “Safety Siren” or other types of radon monitors not approved by IEMA’s Radon Program.

This means that licensees cannot sell the device or provide the device to their clients, because the devices do not meet the requirements of the regulations.
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   Radon Mitigators             Phone                   Website
    Elliott & Associates            630.325.8005         www.radonillinois.com
       Heritage Radon                630.377.9156       www.heritageradon.com
        ARMS Radon                   630.587.2058
 Radon Mgmt. Systems          630-708-0950    
Radon Reduction Systems    630.357.9474        www.theradonman.com
               VSI                             630.876.1000          www.radongas.com
     Guardian Radon                 630.417.4038    www.guardianservices.biz
          S.W.A.T.                          262-754-2211        www.swat-radon.com
When choosing your mitigator please note the following:  

 Make sure that the mitigator does not offer to give out test kits for post-mitigation tests.  That is a worthless enticement for real estate transactions and can leave you stranded at closing.

You may call us for the post-mitigation test, or the company that did the original test.  It’s up to you.  We do offer discounts on houses we have done before.

Mitigators are forbidden to sell, for any purpose, electronic radon monitors such as the “Safety Siren” (see below):http://www.radonillinois.comhttp://www.heritageradon.comhttp://www.theradonman.comhttp://www.radongas.comhttp://www.guardianservices.bizhttp://www.swat-radon.comRadon_Mitigation_files/Mitigator%20Referral%20List%202008august.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5

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