Test for radon on the 2nd floor


       We have found, through serendipitous testing on our own residence (and now many others!), that radon is NOT a basement-only issueRadon is a whole house issue.  What happens is that radon is indeed a soil gas and enters the lowest areas of the home from the soil below, but what happens then is that the convection currents and your home’s duct work act as a delivery mechanism for the radon gas to travel throughout the house.  

      Let’s look at an average colonial-style house (basement, middle floor, upstairs bedrooms).  What we’re finding is that the basement is usually the highest reading, the middle floor the lowest, and the upstairs bedrooms that we test, in many cases, are the second highest reading. 


Basement level:  6.5       

Kitchen/Family Rm. level: 2.5    

Upstairs Bedroom level 4.5.

Another example we had in Deerfield was 14.0 in the basement.

4.8 in the office above the crawl space.

and 7.0 in an upstairs bedroom on the second floor.  This pattern has been repeated all over Chicagoland in various homes. 

The point is:  Radon is a WHOLE-HOUSE ISSUE, not just a basement one.

You’re getting better, more thorough information about the house you’re testing.

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